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Spectrum wins ZMR 2011 Music Awards!

SpectrumSpectrum has won “Best Contemporary Instrumental Album” and “Best Electronic Album” in the ZMR 2011 Music Awards! See the winners on ZoneMusicReporter.com.

Spectrum is a new release by Hennie Bekker available on CD and as an album download. Spectrum is a celebration and showcase of Hennie Bekker’s remarkable strength as a multi-genre artist, featuring a colorful sequence of music from some of his most memorable albums, including the best selling Spring Rain, Summer Breeze, Temba and Reverie.

Spectrum unfolds with an uplifting array of Bekker’s musical footprints, inviting the listener on a peaceful instrumental journey through a lifetime of timeless musical expression, from echoing soundscapes of the ancient African jungle, to romantic piano and modern ambient sounds.

“Rarely have I heard a recording artist able to cover such diverse musical terrain and do it so well. From tender piano melodies, to dreamy ambient soundscapes and earthy African-influenced grooves, Hennie Bekker is a consummate composer and masterful musician.” ~Michael Diamond – Music and Media Focus

John. P Olsen of NewAgeMusicWorld.com has written a really nice article on the award winners – read the article here. You can also read his fantastic review of Spectrum here.

Preview and buy Spectrum on henniebekker.com, iTunes, as well as all other major CD and download stores.

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