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“Spectrum” Selected One of Best New Age Albums of 2011

SpectrumSpectrum has been selected as one of the Best new Age Music Albums of 2011 by John P. Olsen of New Age Music World !

Here is the excerpt on Spectrum from  John P. Olsen’s “Best New Age Albums 2011” article:

Spectrum is a wonderful collection of 14 songs pointing to the diverse abilities of a world-class musician. Spectrum is a relaxing album that accents the entire range and variety of award winning Hennie Bekker. The highly prolific Bekker has composed and produced over 60 albums, and over a thousand compositions and collaborations.

Hennie Bekker is a multi-platinum artist who has spent his entire music career exploring a wide array of genres, from new age, electronic, world music, and acclaimed nature soundscape albums. His work with Dan Gibson’s Solitudes – Exploring Nature with Musicseries was so popular the albums achieved gold, platinum, double and triple platinum status.

Hennie Bekker is also one of three leading members of the techno/dance group BKS. The group BKS won a prestigious Juno Award from the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS), which is the equivalent to an American GRAMMY® award. You can include film scores, television and radio recordings in his long list of achievements as a musician. Presently, Spectrum is the #1 album in Zone Music Reporter’s Top 100 Chart for November 2011.

Spectrum – An Anthology Of Relaxing Instrumental Music is like a “best of Hennie Bekker album” by the wide range of melodic songs on this impressive album. Of the 14 songs total, eleven songs are recordings selected out of his rather extensive music collection. Hennie Bekker from Canada, who was born and raised in Africa and lived in England, brings a world of experience to his music. Take a minute to sample Spectrum, and the world-class music of Hennie Bekker.

Read the full album review on John P. Olsen’s pages for Hennie Bekker.

Spectrum is a new release by Hennie Bekker available on CD and as an album download. Spectrum is a celebration and showcase of Hennie Bekker’s remarkable strength as a multi-genre artist, featuring a colorful sequence of music from some of his most memorable albums, including the best selling Spring Rain, Summer Breeze, Temba and Reverie.

Preview and buy the album on henniebekker.com, iTunes, as well as all other major CD and download stores.

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2 Responses to ““Spectrum” Selected One of Best New Age Albums of 2011”

  1. Donn Brown says:

    Greetings, May I ask you several questions? Where are you based out of,…and,other than keyboards,
    what other instruments do you play. Thank You for your time. Sincerely,Donn Brown

  2. Hennie says:

    Hi Donn,

    Sure! I’m based out of Toronto, Canada, and no, keyboards are really my only instrument….but I play pretty much all keyboards including piano, synths, and organ.

    Cheers, Hennie

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