Canadian In-Flight Magazine

Hennie Bekker Hennie Bekker is a man who is as flexible with his talent as Gumby. The 58-year-old Torontonian has just finished his tenth “Solitudes”TM album with Dan and Gordon Gibson, who called him in when they decided to add music to their phenomenally successful “nature sounds” albums. Two of those Solitudes,TM Harmony and Classics, sold more than 100,000 copies each. On the flip side, Bekker is the B in BKS, a techno-dance group whose album is making the disco set writhe in clubs across Canada to the current trend of rave music. The K belongs to Greg Kavanagh and the S to Toronto DJ Chris Sheppard. “lt doesn’t seem odd to me,” says Bekker of his dual musical nature. “A composer should be versatile - music is music.” BKS recently released an album with Don Cherry (of all people) for charity called Rock’em Sock’em Techno. What’s up next? Well, Bekker personally recorded voices and sounds in the bush and is putting together an African album. Puts Sting to shame.