Ordering Hennie Bekker's Music

Notes of Some Importance
Our Order Desk is available for your convenience to place credit card orders by phone and fax - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The order lines are strictly for in-bound calls only and cannot be transferred to any other departments of Hennie Bekker Music. If you need to contact us for any reason other than placing an order, please refer to our Contact Page.

Please note that the operators are neither music reviewers nor involved in the production of the music. As a result, they will not be able to enlighten you further on the best CD, or on how much you will truly appreciate Hennie Bekker's music.

If you do not use credit cards, please see Order by FAX or Mail below, and use the order form which has information on ways to mail payment.

Ordering options for Hennie Bekker's music and merchandise

The most popular way to order music and merchandise by Hennie Bekker is by using the convenient, secure, online shopping cart system. However, you may choose to order by phone, fax or mail as follows:

Order by Phone

Toll Free Across the U.S. & Canada
For those who have concerns about placing your order on-line, we provide toll free access across the U.S. and Canada. Dial: 1 - 866 - 270 - 7505 and ask for Hennie Bekker Music

From other countries, place a direct call to Canada: 1 - 289 - 296 - 2448

Order by FAX or Mail

If you prefer to place an order by FAX or Mail, we have provided a convenient Order Form for Hennie Bekker's Music. The order form is in plain text so it can be easily printed. Hennie Bekker's music is grouped by series, such as Solitudes, Tranquility, Kaleidoscopes... Follow the directions and other helpful hints on the order form, then FAX or Mail your completed order.

Hennie Bekker Music Order Form

U.S. and International Order Form

Canadian Order Form for shipments to a Canadian address