RPM Review

Hennie Bekker

Digitally recorded on the Synclavier system keyboardist Bekker allows his fantasies to run wild. He admits that “weather and environment play a great role in the work of a composer,” and that “the rainy days of spring inspire me the most.” Bekker is a master at bringing his diverse impressions into the pleasant surroundings of a kaleidoscope of sound.

These are all Bekker originals. He happens to have been well immersed in the fields of commercials and television and movies, not to mention records. Each track has it’s own identity and, yes, there is a feeling of familiarity, as in a movie or television theme or a likeable commercial. This is not elevator music. On the contrary, Bekker’s skill at the keyboard allows for moods of relaxation and both sad and happy thoughts. But Bekker perhaps describes the feeling best as “contemplative moments.”

Although all tracks are key, the title track, Memories, and Flight Of The Sparrow are standouts. Available through Holborne Distributing.